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How To Submit Song On 9jaMusicBox

Welcome to 9jaMusicBox music submission page. belongs to us all. We are here to share Nigeria music to the entire word. Join the teaming population who share their good works with the world. We will help you publish your song and also share it across social media.

Submit your song to or forward to Watsapp on  08137199036 (Wale) or 08159852283(Peter).

What to Send

  1. Mp3 version of your song
  2. Your artwork for the song
  3. A brief intro of yourself
  4. Remember to include the song title and producer   



  1. Your song is shared across various social media, thereby increasing the number of views and downloads.
  2. Your song remain on the site, giving your fans access to free download of your song.
  3. You and friends can share your songs right from MusicGoons across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pintrest, Instagram, and others.

For song promo contact 08137199036 or  08159852283